How do I use the shop?

Browse through the plants available in the shop and choose the plants you wish to purchase. When you click through to each plant you have selected there is a description and the 'Add to Basket' button. Type the quantity in the box before adding to basket. When you have finished selecting your plants, continue through to the secure checkout. Fill in your details and continue through to the secure payment.



How will my plants be sent?

Your plants are transferred into compostable cardboard plant pots for delivery, to avoid single use plastics. They are then packed into strong cardboard boxes with further paper packaging to keep them secure. We use grit to mulch the top of the pots whilst they are growing, but take most of this off when packaging to send them more safely. They are then posted using Royal Mail Tracked 24.



What should I do with my plants when they arrive?

When you receive your alpine plants carefully unwrap them from the packaging. We transfer the plants into compostable cardboard plant pots for delivery, to avoid single use plastics.  They will be alright for several days in these, but they are not long term pots. Water the plants if needed and stand in a cool, light place out of direct sunlight, after their journey. They can then be either  planted out or potted into containers of your choice.

Planting and Maintenance


What is an alpine?

Alpine plants are those that naturally grow at high altitudes, in mountainous regions or high level plateaus, above the tree line. The term 'alpine' tends to be used in a much wider way now, and includes many small plants that would grow together well.

The Origins of Alpine Plants


Do alpines require a lot of maintenance?

Many alpines are relatively low maintenance if planted in the right conditions. Many have adaptations to cope with extreme conditions, and will not need a lot of watering. 

Alpines from the most extreme environments and habitats can be very difficult to grow in most ordinary garden conditions. We grow a range of alpines that generally do not require the really specialist situations. Notes are given under individual plants in the shop where they may need extra protection.

Planting and Maintenance